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kashmiri Shawls
Kashmiri shawls are decorated by various kind of embroideries Art or hook embroidery; motifs are well-known flower designs and ‘sozni’ or needlework’s, is finely done by experienced craftsman’s material & fine embroidery causes the hike in prices

fibers types from which the Kashmiri shawls are made ,these are – wool , Pashmina and most expensive Shatooshshawls

Pure wool shawls called raffal which have different counts of wool – 40, 60, 80 etc.,if the count increases so does the price .

Kashmiri Pashmina Shawls: Pashmina is known for its softness. Pashmina yarn is spun from the hair of the ibex found at 14,000 ft above the sea level, Pure Pashmina is expensive but mixed Pashmina with wool is less expensive

Shahtoosh , the legendary ‘ring shawl’ is famous for its lightness, softness and warmth. But it is a banned item now because hair of the Tibetan antelope’s throat are painstakingly collected until there are enough for a shawl.

kashmiri Carpets

Kashmiri carpets are a long time investments .It can be as cheaper as u pay for a handkerchief or it can be the most expensive purchase of your Kashmir trip . But one thing is sure if you didn’t buy a carpet during your visit you are surely missing the art of Kashmir , for what it is world renowned.

Kashmir is not the origin of carpet weaving the art come from Persia. These carpets are famous for two things- they are hand made and they are always knotted, never tufted , the more knots per square inch, the greater its value and durability. Also there are single and double-knotted carpets. A single knotted carpet is fluffier and more resistant to touch than the double knotted. Knotting of the carpet & yarn is the most important features. The yarn used normally is silk, wool or silk and wool. Woolen carpets always have a cotton base. carpet

The fascinating combinations of colors & artistry makes the Kashmiri carpet a prized possession.

kashmiri Paper Mache

The craft is belived to be originated in Iran & been introduced in Kashmir by 15th century now Its become a popular handicraft item. Even though all the paper-Maches of Kashmir look similar at first glance but they must be different in prices. The price of Mache depends upon the type and the quality of the product. There are three different qualities of Papier-Mache.

To make a Papier Mache object, the paper is not usually pulped, merely soaked, pounded, then pasted, layer on layer, over a mould. When the object is completed, a thin layer of chalk mixed with glue is traditionally applied to the surface, The last step in the process is printing and varnishing of the Papier-Mache. papermache

The designs painted on objects of Papier Mache are brightly colored. They vary in artistry and the choices of colors. Gold is used on most objects, either as the only color, or as the highlight for certain motifs, and besides the finish of the product, it is the quality of the pure gold used which determines the price.

kashmiri Woodwork

In India, Kashmir is the only region where walnut trees grows . Walnut is a soft wood, so craftsmen do fine carving on walnut wood Carving is the demonstration of the carver’s skill, and walnut take it very well, being one of the strongest varieties of wood.

There are two types of walnut trees – one is the fruit bearing tree whose wood is well known, and the other which bears no fruits, is locally known as ‘zangul’. Zangul is less strong & has none of the beauty of walnut .woodcraving

Chinar leaves, vine leaves and flowers like lotus & roses are some of the popular designs, which can be either carved along borders or can fill entire surfaces. The artistry of the carving and its abundance dictates the cost. The ranges of furniture can be from simple bed side table to a dining table or a double bed

Wood-carving is one of the most popular cottage industries of the Kashmir valley.
The Kashmiri specialty of woodcarving is Khatam-band which has the geometrical patterns on the ceilings of rooms. wood carvings beautifully done on the cabinets, chairs, tables, jewelry boxes and ornamental caskets produced in Kashmir. Wood carving is also done on a large scale on the doors, walls and windows of traditional Kashmiri houses.

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